The Fidesmo App Store


The Fidesmo App Store is the end users entry point into their Fidesmo Device. It is available from Google Play. The Architecture page explains how the app interacts with other components of the Fidesmo platform, establishing a secure and reliable communication channel between our servers and the card, handling user interactions, etc. This page explains how to invoke the Fidesmo App Store from other Android Apps.

Integration with other Android applications

The Fidesmo App Store has been designed to work as a component that can be used by applications that need to interact with Fidesmo Devices. It provides an Intent to launch the delivery of a specific service.

Intent to initiate a service delivery

  • action: com.fidesmo.sec.DELIVER_SERVICE
  • data:
    • scheme: https
    • host:
    • resource: /service/‹appId›/‹Service-ID› where appId is the application identifier and Service-ID identifies the service (and it is defined by the Service Provider)

This Intent may be called using methods startActivity() or startActivityForResult(). In the latter, the standard result code RESULT_OK marks successful completion.

We have published a basic example of an application that uses the Fidesmo App in this GitHub repository.

Launching a service delivery from a URL

The service delivery process can be triggered simply by sending a URL to a smartphone in which the Fidesmo App Store is installed. The URL must be built following this syntax:{appId}/services/{serviceId}

where appId and serviceId are the same application and service identifiers as in the Intent interface.


Following a successful reservation, a hotel sends a confirmation email to the customer including a link to load the room's key onto the customer's Fidesmo card:

Your room's key is ready to be loaded into your Fidesmo Card: open this link on your smartphone

where the URL behind the link contains the serviceId that will be parsed by the hotel's backend to deliver that specific key.

Launching a service delivery from the Fidesmo Android App

Knowing its appId and serviceId, a service can be launched manually from the Fidesmo App:

  • From the top-left menu, choose Manual service order
  • Fill in the form:
    • Service Provider ID: enter the appId
    • Service ID: write the serviceId
  • Press the CONTINUE button

Publishing your app in the Fidesmo App Store

If you want your app to appear in the Fidesmo App Store, it needs to be published. App publication is performed by Fidesmo, to make sure that our users are correctly informed of each app’s provider, purpose, terms and conditions, etc.


We will verify that your app complies to the following guidelines:

  • Graphical elements (logo and feature graphic) have been uploaded. See for a description of what they are used for.
  • Textual elements have been correctly uploaded (also described in the branding page). We will check the following:
    • The app name correctly identifies the application
    • The app publisher is correctly identified in the app description. App descriptions support some markdown elements, such as links.
    • The app description is informative to users.
    • The app description is at least in English (as default language). Submitting textual elements in other languages is advisable, but not mandatory.
    • Service title and descriptions are also informative.
    • If terms and conditions apply, a link shall be submitted as the termsAndConditions attribute of the service description, as indicated here.

We will also check that the service can be delivered correctly to a Fidesmo card.


Once you have tested your service using the Manual Service Order feature, write to We will check the points above and either publish your service or come back to you with suggestions for improvement.