Card Design Specification

Fidesmo has created a few card layout proposals to be combined with card issuer's designs, so that end users can recognize that the card belongs to the Fidesmo ecosystem. These Fidesmo-endorsed cards indicate that any of the services available through either the Fidesmo smartphone app or third-party applications can be delivered. The layouts include a serial number (the Fidesmo CIN) linked graphically to the Fidesmo logo so that Customer Care can identify the specific card instance.

In order to facilitate that Fidesmo-endorsed cards play well aesthetically with the card issuer's design, we have created light and dark themes, in horizontal and vertical layouts. These layouts can be mixed at will, for example a vertical, light themed front can have a horizontal, dark themed back.

  • Vertical layout, light theme
  • Vertical layout, dark theme
  • Horizontal layout, light theme
  • Horizontal layout, dark theme

Design Resources

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