Pricing Information

We have divided the services we provide in different plans, so you can choose the combination that better suits your business needs and traffic volume:

  • Account plans control the service management capabilities and support level
  • Application plans control traffic volume
  • Payment commission depends on monthly revenues through our platform

If your needs do not fit into a combination of plans, please contact us.

All prices listed below are in Euro (€).

Account Plans

Plan Monthly price Number of applications Number of users Support level Signup button
Free 0 unlimited Developer portal forum. Email, 3-days turnaround Signup to plan Free
Plus EUR 100.00 unlimited Email, one working day turnaround Signup to plan Plus

If you have special support requirements, please contact us.

Application Plans

An Application Plan applies to the traffic generated by all services in an application.

Plan Monthly price Max number of API calls/month Max number of API calls/minute
Free 2k 0 2000/month 300/minute
10k EUR 200.00 10000/month 500/minute
contact us TBD > 10000 > 500

API calls within a payment session (see below) are not counted towards the number of API calls limit.

Service delivery limitation by amount of devices

By default, all applications have a limit on the number of different devices where their services can be delivered. This limit is initially set to 20.

If you need to increase the number of devices where your application can be delivered, please contact us

Payment Plans

Commissions in the table below apply to payments performed through the Fidesmo platform.

Plan Monthly revenue Commission for payments > 5 EUR Commission for payments < 5 EUR
mini < 1000 EUR 10% + 0.5 EUR 10% + 0.5 EUR
midi between 1000 EUR and 50,000 EUR 5% + 0.25 EUR 10% + 0.2 EUR
maxi > 50,000 EUR 3.5% + 0.25 EUR 10% + 0.15 EUR

All new accounts start in the Mini plan. If your monthly revenue exceeds the limit, please contact us and we will raise your account to the next plan.