How to sell through the Fidesmo App Store?

Different services and apps have different requirements. Apps might be for free or come at a price. Some services, such at tickets. might require a payment every time they are activated on the device, while others might only require an up front fee to join a service scheme. To address the different types of payment requirements Fidesmo is cooperating with Mangopay. Mangopay is a very flexible payment platform that let us set up payment schemes that best suit our customers. Therefore we are very flexible in what we can provide for you in terms of payment functionality. Let us know how you want to sell your service by sending an email to

App sales

The easiest way to get started with selling your app through the Fidesmo App Store is to let us resell it. We agree with you at what price you will sell your app to us. Fidesmo will then market your app, front the customer and handle everything related to the payment. You will receive a payout every month with the last month’s aggregated sales.

Authentication requirements

To activate your account with our partners at Mangopay we require you to register additional details with your Fidesmo account. These details are required for us to effect payouts of the money you earn. Depending on the amount of sales your app generates you will be required to provide different levels of details. The first level is fulfilled by simply filling out all fields for your account and app using the development portal. This let you receive payouts of up to 2000€ per year. This is great for getting started, but as your sales grow, we will require more details about you and your business. More detailed information is provided by Mangopay themselves, but for the Light Authentication level we have gathered all the required information here:

  • Legal Person Type (‘BUSINESS’ or ’ORGANIZATION’)
  • Business Name
  • Generic business email
  • FirstName of the legal representative
  • LastName of the legal representative
  • Birthday of the legal representative
  • Nationality of the legal representative
  • Country of residence of the legal representative

All this information can be provided directly via our developer portal.