Fidesmo for Android Developers

Why make your app interact with a Fidesmo Card:

  • Store security credentials in a tamper-resistant Secure Element: a contactless card, accessible through the smartphone’s NFC interface. Examples:
    • Token for two-factor authentication
    • Key storage for secure email
    • Certificate storage for digital signature
  • Connect to services distributed by companies participating in the ecosystem. For example, a public transportation app can offer tickets, or a tourism app can offer day passes for the attractions in a city.
  • Charge for the services your app delivers: we take care of the boring bits.

Where it fits

The Fidesmo App provides an access point to the ecosystem through an Intents API. Through this entry point, your app can

  • Request services from any Service Provider in the ecosystem (example: buy a transportation ticket that is stored in the Fidesmo Card.)
  • Install in the Fidesmo card a JavaCard App previously uploaded to the Fidesmo servers, for example an OTP app like this one.

The Fidesmo App deals with communication between Service Providers and the Fidesmo server, on one side, and the Fidesmo Card on the other, making sure that commands are transmitted to the card reliably and securely.

Branding integration

Fidesmo provides a set of graphical elements and logos to facilitate app integration into the ecosystem. They indicate users that your application is interacting with their Fidesmo Card.

Please contact Fidesmo to request graphical resources to embed in your app.

Getting started

  1. Sign up
  2. Order a sample Fidesmo Card
  3. Follow our tutorial to load a service onto the card: the Hello Fidesmo application.
  4. Read the documentation about the Fidesmo App
  5. Have a look at this tutorial to learn how to handle NFC cards and interact with the Fidesmo App.
  6. You can also follow this more advanced tutorial that shows how to handle a real-life Javacard app using our open source Nordpol library.
During the entire process, feel free to contact us for questions or feedback.

Plans and pricing

You can find our plans and pricing structure here.

Our introductory plan

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