Fidesmo for Card Developers

The widening support of NFC in smartphones multiplies the number of applications and use cases for which smart cards provide a very suitable platform. But currently it is hard to distribute smart card applications (“cardlets”) without turning into a card issuer at the same time.

We have developed a set of tools to help you build and distribute your Java Card cardlets:

  • An easy-to-use utility to develop, test and manage the cardlet, which is also a command-line client: FDSM
  • An app store for Java Card cardlets: an online platform where cardlets can be uploaded and installed remotely online, using mobile phones. We take care of the payments - you set the price.
  • Cards for development: Fidesmo Cards are personalized so you can use them with our SDK and a local contactless reader, and download applications using an NFC-enabled smartphone.
  • A growing base of cards, issued by different Service Providers to consumers. Any of these cards can host your cardlets: it’s an entire ecosystem, ready for your software!

Where it fits

Integrating a Java Card application into the Fidesmo platform is very simple: define a service, upload the cardlet, and it can be delivered to any Fidesmo Card, using our Android App. You can customize the way your services are branded within the Fidesmo App. And finally, you can publish your app onto our App Store.
Optionally, if you have a mobile frontend, you can trigger the delivery process from your mobile app, which communicates with the Fidesmo App through a simple Intents API.

Getting started

  1. Sign up
  2. Order a sample Fidesmo Card
  3. Have a look at our document describing our resources for Java Card development.
  4. Follow our Java Card tutorial to build a cardlet using our Java Card SDK.
  5. Follow this second tutorial to learn how to publish your cardlet through the Fidesmo platform.
During the entire process, feel free to contact us for questions or feedback.

Plans and pricing

You can find our plans and pricing structure here.

Our introductory plan

Test our services for free with this plan:

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