Fidesmo for Service Providers

Smart card technology is secure and well understood by end users, but it has some limitations:

  • Depends on physical sales points: to purchase or enroll in a service, or update settings, users must go to a sales office or electronic kiosk. This friction limits service usage and adds costs which are not directly related to service quality.
  • Requires purchasing and distributing cards, plus managing their lifecycle.
  • There is a limit on the number of cards consumers will carry in their wallets and actually use.

Fidesmo has created an online channel to distribute and access your services remotely, using NFC phones. It is based on a contactless card, the Fidesmo Card, in which many different applications can be installed without interfering with each other. By solving the points above, we will increase service usage while decreasing costs.

Where it fits: technical integration

We expose three interfaces to integrate with the Service Provider’s components. None of them is mandatory, depending on the service’s specific requirements.

  • Smart card: the Service Provider’s card assets are installed in the Fidesmo Card. Requirements are minimal, described here.
  • Smartphone: Service Provider’s mobile apps, or any third-party apps allowed to interact with the service, access the solution through the Fidesmo App, using a simple Android Intents interface. You can customize the way your services are branded within the Fidesmo App.
  • Server: our set of RESTful APIs that really facilitate the process of establishing an end-to-end connection between the Service Provider and the card.

Service Providers that use cards only as identifiers can also benefit from the Fidesmo ecosystem using our Card Registration Service.

Getting started

  1. Sign up
  2. Order a sample Fidesmo Card
  3. Have a look at our technical architecture
  4. Depending on your service’s architecture and components, have a look at the documentation describing the integration points: Fidesmo API, Fidesmo App, Fidesmo Card.
  5. Follow our tutorial to build and deploy an example test service - this will show how simple is our service delivery process
During the entire process, feel free to contact us for questions or feedback.

Plans and pricing

You can find our plans and pricing structure here.

Our introductory plan

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