Error installing services to YubiKey Neo


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June 19, 2019 13:22

Alex Lennon


I’m trying to get the PGP service going with the YubiKey Neo.

It’s seeing my device but erroring with “Failed – Installation of the Fidesmo PGP application failed”.

I’ve tried with developer mode checked and unchecked and I’ve joined the app beta.

Any thoughts?


June 27, 2019 06:54

Luis Rodero

Hello Alex,

We need a bit more info so we can research what the problem can be, and for that we have to ask you for a little help to identify your YubiKey.

In the Fidesmo mobile application you shall see a ‘Show info’ button, right on top of the list of available and connected services for your YubiKey. Please press that button, it will scroll down some extra data. There you will see a brief text paragraph describing the YubiKey, and right below that paragraph you will notice there is an array of numbers and letters, split by a dash (something, for example, like ‘000018-6FFC8860’). That value identifies your device unambiguously, and will let us explore further what the issue can be. Could you please send us what is the value of that array for your YubiKey?

Best regards,

The Fidesmo team

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