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August 19, 2018 03:14

Brian H.

I think i may have received a defective Yubikey Neo. I ordered it a few weeks ago, but just had the time today to start using it.

When using the Fidesmo Android app, I consistently receive an “Error reading Fidesmo Device” anytime I try and connect. I know that the app and my phone are working, as I can successfully connect to the Fidesmo card I also purchased.

The Yubikey features seem to be partially functioning. It produces an OTP password when read via NFC, or when connected to a PC via USB. However, it does not appear to work tih the Yubico Authenticator (perhaps because the Authenticator app isn’t installed on the Vivokey version of the Neo).

Based on the feature material, I expected that I would be able to use both load Fidesmo apps and use the Yubikey Authenticator when I purchased the device, but it appears I cannot do either.

Please advise on how I should proceed.


August 20, 2018 07:11

Sergey Khruschak

Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear your having issues with your Fidesmo device. This could be an issue in the older version of Android application itself when detecting latest Fidesmo devices. Could you, please, try to switch to a beta channel of Fidesmo application in the Google store and try detecting device with it?

As for Yubico Authenticator you are right it requires Authenticator app to be installed.

Please, let us know the check results and we will be glad to give further support.

Kind regards,
Sergey Khruschak
Fidesmo Team


August 28, 2018 02:02

Brian H.

Thanks. After joining the beta channel and upgrading, I was able to detect and install apps to the Neo.

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