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January 23, 2019 02:32

Brian H.

I’ve been reading through the documentation and am about to begin the JavaCard tutorial and setup the Grandle plugins, but I have a question before I begin.

My intended use case is to write a JavaCard applet, deploy it to a Fidesmo device via the Fidesmo App Store on Android, then interact with the applet entirely through a PC/SC compliant card reader (such as the ACR 122u). However, all of the documentation that I’ve read only mentions interacting with an applet via the Fidesmo API.

Once the applet is installed, can I fully interact with it using ADPUs and a card reader? Other than being confined to a security domain, are there any restrictions on what kinds of commands can be issued? I need the ability to both read and write to the smart card/applet via a PC/SC reader. I don’t have access to the Internet during this operation, and cannot use the Fidesmo API, as eventually the code that operates the reader will be on an embedded device.


January 24, 2019 12:31

Theo Franzén

Hi Brian,

Yes, once the applet is installed you can fully interact with it using APDUs and a card reader. There are no restrictions on the commands that can be issued except for the ones that needs secure messaging via Fidesmo API

Best regards,

The Fidesmo Team

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