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Fidesmo is implementing important changes in the way developer accounts and applications are created and how API authentication is performed.

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Fidesmo for Android Developers

You are thinking of coupling your Android app to a contactless card through the phone's NFC capabilities, for example for secure storage of user credentials. Or you have developed a cool public transportation application and want to offer your users the bus tickets for the ride. Use Fidesmo to:

  • Enhance your app with contactless cards
  • Connect your app to a service delivered using contactless cards
  • Be a sales channel for contactless services

Fidesmo for Service Providers

When delivering your company's services, you use smart cards, for example to store tickets (for public transportation or events), security tokens (for physical or logical access control), user identifiers (a city card). With Fidesmo, you can:

  • Deploy your services everywhere
  • Let your users top-up, change settings or renew with their phones
  • Expand your user base uncoupling your services from physical points of sales

Fidesmo for Card Developers

You have developed a cool JavaCard application but think it is hard to distribute it without handing out thousand of cards, since you can't expect end users to upload it themselves. Or you can use Fidesmo:

  • An app store for your JavaCard apps!
  • Deliver or sell your cardlets without having to sell physical tokens
  • Focus on cardlet development, not in distribution

Fidesmo for Card Issuers

You are issuing thousands of contactless cards to store your application and you are well aware of their lifecycle costs and of the limitations of the "one application per card" model. With Fidesmo, you can:

  • Use your card for many different services
  • Inversely, deploy your application in cards issued by others
  • Agilize sales by uncoupling distribution from physical locations

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