Fidesmo for Card Issuers

There is almost a one-to-one relationship between a card and a service. This makes it costly to issue smart card based services and also limits the number of such services a consumer is willing to use: wallets have finite space.

Join the Fidesmo ecosystem by issuing cards endorsed by Fidesmo!

  • Make your card the one which is always used!
  • Ensure your service is used by making it harder to forget the required card at home
  • A subtle co-branding indicates users that the card can host more applications, discoverable via the Fidesmo Android App. The card’s UID (unique identifier) is printed along the Fidesmo logo, easing customer care processes.
  • All services on the card benefit from Fidesmo’s remote management capabilities, as described in Fidesmo for Service Providers.

How to participate in the Fidesmo ecosystem

  1. Co-branding

    Fidesmo endorsed cards have a Fidesmo logotype on the front and a 14 character ID on the back according to our card design specification.
    Example of Fidesmo endorsement to be used in light-colored cards. The rest of the card’s surface can be used by the card issuer.
  2. Production

    We have a manufacturing process set up with a number of card suppliers. Please contact us if you want to include your existing supplier.
  3. Personalization

    For details about the initial card setup, please contact our Sales Team.
  4. Technical integration

    Integrating your server and client software with the Fidesmo platform is explained in Fidesmo for Service Providers.

Getting started

  1. Sign up
  2. Order a sample Fidesmo Card so you can test it
  3. Depending on your service and integration needs, you might need to follow Fidesmo for Service Providers.
  4. From our card design specification, choose a co-branding layout and download the resource files.
  5. Choose a card supplier and include our personalization setup [page coming soon] into your order.
During the entire process, feel free to contact us for questions or feedback.

Plans and pricing

You can find our plans and pricing structure here.

Our introductory plan

Test our services for free with this plan:

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